"Juxtaposition" - The ultimate Gaming Table.


This is funtional work of art.  It has been designed to inhance the ininterpersonal experiance that is the game. I wanted to design the table to make it part of the story. 


This Handcrafted three foot by five foot, Six Station gaming table is perfect for an array of board or tabletop games!  With the pullouts extended the table is almost five by seven feet.

Tabletop Surface and the superstructure of the are quarter sawn old growth fir edged with air dried Black Walnut.

Interior Surface: The sides of the 24 by 48 inch game vault are Eastern maple and the surface is engineered (to limit and movement), and covered with quarter sawn White Oak.

The pullout at each station is the same Fir as the superstructure also edged with walnut.

Book matched highly figured maple on the drawer fronts and the Central drawbridge and a solid figured Maple face on the pull out at each of the six player stations.

Each of the three drawers at each player station is held in with solid full extension slides with a positive stop.

Each of the eighteen drawers in this table are made up of ten pieces. The front, back and two sides of the box are old growth fir with the bottom of book matched four piece figured maple, plus the two pieces of the book matched front. 25 years ago an experiment with pressure lamination using eastern Maple and Ebony, I had just enough for pulls for both the first two tables. I like the sugestion of fabric pulls for the next two tables.


The Legs, all eight of them, were the first pieces in the initial table design to be constructed. The legs had to be large enough visually to support the mass of the top of six inches while having the ability to be shaped into a segmented leg that is braced for stability and at the same time appear to be walking, and even following... So keep your eye on him as you walk by.