First Gallery Exibition

Marketing plan is in pace with ten pieces in the gift shop and ten more in the Gallery. with some behind glass. I will attending the galla oppening sat at 6:00 pm.hope to see some of you there. More pics comming. 

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Sanding wood

06 February 2015

Sanding wood

How many woodworkers love to sand wood for that ultimate reveal.

New wood

04 February 2015

New wood

Starting a run of 142 boxes. Follow along on facebook.       Allen b kind

Getting started; Learning that "I can't do it all"

 It's not like I don't know how to do what needs to be done, it's that I am only one. The mode of production that I employ in my art is a long one in that I harvest or salvage almost all of the wood that I use.

For eg. this Walnut took over 12 years to get to this stage.

Of course this is an extreem.

At the other end of the spectrom, this Cherry was cut from a block of seasonded "Firewood", and will be dry enough to work further almost right away.

New pieces daily

12 December 2014

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New pieces daily

I have over 200 finished works in about 15 catagories ready to upload.

I am looking forward to all feedback and suggestions.

Keep coming back.



Thank you

Allen B. KInd